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HengQi : My girl, you are my love! The video is tense and I sing for you

HengQi : There are still 20 minutes left before recording.

You: Are you nervous?

HengQi : Very nervous.

You: HengQi , although this is your first time recording an official MV, we have also used our mobile phones to pass by many of your recording sessions.

HengQi : I don’t want to make mistakes. I’m worried that I will make mistakes and cause trouble to the filming crew.

You: No, you have practiced it thousands of times

HengQi : I have to record the interview later. Can you help me review the interview answers?

You: Of course, I’m your agent.

HengQi : I will rehearse first. There will be several cameras filming me later, so I will look in the direction of the music reporter. You ask questions!

You : Hello Pan HengQi , I’m glad you are releasing a new album. Can you introduce the concept of this album to your fans?

HengQi : This is an album of love songs that I composed, arranged, wrote and sang, expressing my longing and love for the person I like. The album is named Bamboo to thank my fans for their support.

You: Your inspiration for writing songs. Where does it come from?

HengQi : My inspiration comes from all aspects of life, from daily trivial matters to inner emotions, which can become my creative inspiration. Sometimes I smell the fragrance of flowers on the street and I get the inspiration to write a song about love. Sometimes while traveling I am shocked by the magnificent natural scenery and write a song about freedom. Sometimes I am alone. A smile or a word can inspire me to write a song about gratitude.

You: What instruments do you usually use to compose music?

HengQi : Sometimes I will play in front of the piano, sometimes I will talk and sing next to the guitar, and sometimes I will arrange music on the computer. No matter which way, I will fully release my creative passion and constantly pursue more beautiful and more beautiful songs. Music with depth.

You: What does this album mean to you?

HengQi : For me, creating music is a pleasure and a responsibility. I hope my music can touch people's hearts and bring them hope and strength.

You: Okay, HengQi is almost time. The director said that the recording will officially start. Are you ready?

HengQi : I'm ready. I'll record it well. Do you know who wrote the title song "My Girl"? I am writing about you.

You: Oh, the recording has started, come on. Hengqi .

"My Girl" Lyrics

Wandering in the ordinary world

i meet you

Destiny, your smile

Warm as the spring breeze, my heart beats for you, full of affection

My girl, saved my heart, your beauty

Let me sink into it,

From now on my heart only beats for you

My girl, you are my love

you are my love

There are stars in your eyes

I am willing to give up all my glory for you

No matter wind or rain

I'm always by your side

my girl

you are my only one


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