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QianYi's Vlog: Why is my friend's luck being hampered because of dogs?-Fangentlemen

This Vlog is about your hubby - White Bear, Bai QianYi, who was on a business trip to Dingsi Province, and talked to you over afternoon tea at a coffee shop about the negative effects of the local law banning dogs on the fortunes of dog people.

Bai Qianyi - Fangentlemen
Bai Qianyi chats with you in the café


Hello, my dear,I am your husband - White Bear, Bai Qianyi.I came to Dingsi Province on business today.Now the weather is good.I found a shop to have afternoon tea.I miss you. I want to talk to you.

Bai Qianyi - Fangentlemen
Bai Qianyi in front of the café

Last week, because of the case of a bulldog biting a person to death,Dingsi Province is now strictly managing all kinds of dogs.There was no dog shit on the road.Some dogs were poisoned by poisonous sausages,and some were beaten to death.

I happened to see this little dog being killed and starved to death today which is very pitiful

So I decided to bring him back.

What I want to tell you today is that it happens to be about dogs.

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you must have seen the news thatboss Hong was arrested for suspected financial fraud.Boss Hong has contacts with our Bai family,I've called him Uncle Hong since I was a child.

Now I'm afraid Boss Hong will go to prison.

Yesterday I talked about him with my fortune teller, Master Zhou.

Master Zhou told me that he saw that Boss Hong was one of the 28 constellations in the East

and that he was reincarnated from the constellation of Lou Jinguo.

This sign, Lou Jinguo, echoes the zodiac sign of Hong Bo,who was born in 1970 and was born in the year of the dog. Lou Jin's dog star has the attribute of gold, which represents gold and wealth, and corresponds to Boss Hong's status as a millionaire.

And speaking of it,Boss Hong's favorite food is not those expensive delicacies ,but big bones.

when our family treats him to a family dinner, we must ask the chef to make a big plate of stewed pork bones for him, because he likes to chew bones very much.

Boss Hong often goes to the Big Bones Restaurant when he hosts the annual meeting or dinner of the company's employees.

Boss Hong, like a dog, loves to chew bones very much, and Boss Hong runs his financial company and highly praises wolf-dog culture.He demanded that employees compete crazily, bite each other and fight for their performance.

So they nicknamed him Wolf Dog.

Bai Qianyi - Fangentlemen
Bai Qianyi chats with you in the café

The Chinese character "Lou" for Lou Golden Dog constellation means gathering and gathering gold also represents wealth.

He runs a financial company, and what he does is the business of gathering money.Illegal fund-raising Ponzi scheme, but I asked Master Zhou, the fortune teller,

since Boss Hong is a star in the sky Why would he go to jail now?

He said that although Boss Hong is a constellation in the sky, he was born with a rich life,

but once he landed, he was restricted by the region.

Boss Hong was born here, in Dingsi Province.

This is the blessed place where he started from scratch,but it is also his fierce place.

I was very curious and asked the reason Master Zhou said that now that Boss Hong has been arrested.I'm afraid it's a bad luck

This is all related to the current policy of banning dogs in Dingsi Province

He said that although Dingsi Province was the blessed land of Boss Hong, Dingsi Province was the province that hated dogs most in kingdom of Fang.

There are more than 50 kinds of forbidden dogs, and even a French bulldog the size of a foot is listed as forbidden.

Recently, Dingsi Province has been catching and killing a lot of dogs, which has seriously damaged the dog luck brought by Boss Hong.

His magnetic field and fortune have been disrupted.

Master Zhou,the fortune teller also told me that you could check it out Since Dingsi province announced a law banning dogs

Boss Hong's fortune has also begun to decline Now that boss Hong the king of dogs,has been arrested, the dogs in Dingsi Province are having a harder time.

Now dog corpses are everywhere and it has become a hell for dogs which is inevitable

Because boss Hong was caught as the dog king,many dogs had to be buried for this.

Just like in ancient times, when an emperor died,someone would be buried with him. When a dog king died, a dog would be buried with him.

Because of this, if boss Hong ,the dog king, wants to regain his freedom,unless Dingsi Province releases the law of raising dogs and stops killing dogs.

Otherwise, boss Hong will surely die a bad death,or even die in prison.

He also said that Dingsi Province‘s strict dog ban law would also affect

the fortune of people born in the year of the dog living in Dingsi Province.

This kind of law, which suppresses dogs on the surface, will also have a negative impact on human beings born in the year of dogs invisibly and in geomantic omen.

There may be a decline in fortune. These people born in the year of the dog

even if they don't have a dog and don't like dogs But because the zodiac sign is a dog

it's better to live in a place where you love dogs like dogs and tolerate dogs

which will help your fortune

Because my family also had contacts with Boss Hong and I was afraid of being implicated ,Master Zhou, my fortune teller, told me that because my corresponding animal is a bear,a white bear, it is not affected at present.

Okay,honey,that's all for today.

Today I brought you flowers,strawberry cake and this dog. We'll talk later. Bye


The Chinese Zodiac is a traditional dating system based on 12 different animals, which are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig, and which reincarnate every 12 years. Years of birth for Dogs include: - 1922 - 1934 - 1946 - 1958 - 1970 - 1982 - 1994 - 2006 - 2018 - 2030 - 2042

According to traditional folklore, the main characteristics of the Dog can be described as: honest and reliable, and will do their best to fulfill their promises. Loyal

The Dog has a strong sense of compassion and justice.


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